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The Curiosity Forum · Second Edition · November 13, 2023
14:30-16:30 GMT • 15:30-17:30 CET • 9:30-11:30 EST • 6:30-8:30 PST
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"Curiosity is the power skill required to ensure we continue to thrive alongside artificial intelligence and whatever new technological developments await us in years to come."
- Ashcroft, P., Brown, S., Jones, G. The Curious Advantage (2020), pp. 26
We are facing a global paradigm shift as the realities of the new digital age are emerging. Gen AI and the plethora of apps that are being spawned and influencing every aspect of our lives is the case in point.

Our guest facilitator will help us explore the new principles of neuroscientific facilitation. Our content will be provided by guests who are experts in Gen AI.


Participants will help identify the frontiers of knowledge informed by neuroscience, behaviourism, art, anthropology, business, economics, information technology, history, and the humanities.


Two hours of panel and group discussions in a state-of-the-art platform where participants will examine the latest advances of curiosity with a focus in particular on the practical applications of the knowledge.

We will also identify key themes and questions for further exploration through the think tank and identify mechanisms for promoting their application in society.

The Curiosity Forum will publish a summary of the key discussions for dissemination.


What is the latest thinking across all disciplines regarding Curiosity?

What impact is this knowledge having on technology, innovation, communication, security, transformation, learning, strategy, new emergent sectors, individuals, society and information technology.

What needs to be safeguarded?
What needs to be promoted?
What needs to be taught to the next generations and how?

MEET THE hosts

The Curiosity Forum is a virtual think tank series hosted by Paul Ashcroft (Co-Founder, Ludic Group), Simon Brown (CLO, Novartis), and Garrick Jones (Co-Founder, Ludic Group) -- authors of the bestselling book The Curious Advantage and hosts of The Curious Advantage Podcast.
Paul Ashcroft headshot
Paul Ashcroft
Co-founder, The Ludic Group
Simon Brown headshot
Simon Brown
Chief Learning Officer, Novartis
Garrick Jones headshot
Garrick Jones
Co-founder, The Ludic Group
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