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Problem Solving, Curiosity and Living in the Moment with José Manuel Barroso (The Curious Advantage Podcast)

José Manuel Barroso's path from academia to politics is a journey fuelled by curiosity and lifelong learning. Starting as a law professor in Portugal, he rose to become the Prime Minister of Portugal in 2002 and later served as the President of the European Commission from 2004 to 2014, steering through critical events like the Lisbon Treaty, the 2008 financial crisis, and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Discover how José's upbringing influenced his curiosity and love for learning, and how these traits played a pivotal role in his successful political career. Explore how his commitment to curiosity has shaped his leadership style and guided him through challenging situations and crises.

Join us for these insightful conversations and more with José Manuel Barroso in the Season 5 premiere episode of The Curious Advantage Podcast. Continue this curious conversation with us over on our LinkedIn page and share your thoughts and feelings on this episode.

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Produced by Aliki Paolinelis and Jessica Wickham. Edited by Roman Pechersky and Danny Cross.

About the Curious Advantage Podcast Series
The Curious Advantage Podcast series is brought to you by the authors of the book The Curious Advantage, Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown & Garrick Jones and it is about how individuals and organisations use the power of curiosity to drive success in their lives and organisations, especially in the context of our new digital reality. It brings to life the latest understanding from neuroscience, anthropology, history and behaviourism about curiosity and makes these useful for everyone.